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Roasting Definitions


The process of heating up the roaster prior to adding the green beans.

Drying Cycle

The first phase of roasting coffee where the temperature of the beans rises to around 210 degrees Fahrenheit. The beans go from green to a light yellow.


The trier is a tool that the roaster can use throughout the roasting process to check on the progress of the beans. It is a spoon shaped device attached to the side of the roaster drum. When pulled out, it holds a sample of the beans, and allows the roaster to check the color and aroma throughout the roast.

First Crack

The point when the bean is close to becoming edible (or drinkable). The bean has been heating up, and moisture inside is causing pressure to build up, eventually causing the first crack. This happens at roughly around 385 degrees, and sounds like popcorn popping. Lighter roasts are roasted to just after this point. Medium and Dark roasts longer as the bean approaches it “second “crack”.